Classes Start the Week of Sept 11th!

Classes start Monday September 11th!

For more information on schedules visit our schedule page!  Don’t forget to check our cancellation page for tournaments and holidays which affect our ice time.

To register after you have all of your information, please visit our membership site ENTRYEEZE.  You will find all our pricing information here!


4 thoughts on “Classes Start the Week of Sept 11th!

  1. I registered my daughter on your website and went to “my cart” and it said there was a zero balance? I hope I did it correctly and that I have her registered for the class. I would like for her to be in the class on Wednesday’s from 5:25-6:10

    • HI Kristy, if the balance is zero you have not yet selected the class. Go back into your account and click on Contract Ice. From there you can make your selection.


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