Fall/Winter Season

Registration for our Fall/Winter Season is now closed!  Look for our Spring 2018 sessions to be posted shortly.

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***NOTE *** NFSA will no longer be offering a Junior/Senior Powerskate Program on Sunday.  We will be ONLY be offering the PRE-Canpowerskate for ages 3 and up in this discipline.  We apologize for any inconvenience.


CANSKATE/Learn to Skate

All CANSkaters are required to wear a CSA approved helmet.  We recommend a tight fitting pair of gloves so they stay on your child throughout the 45 minute session.  Clothing should not be bulky in order to allow movement on the ice.  All skaters starting in this program must be 3 years old.

Our programs are taught in a group format with a 1:10 instructor to student ratio. Please be patient with your child as they build the confidence to stand and move on the ice independently. It often takes a few weeks to move through the programmed session with the coach.  If your child would like private lessons after the class, you can contact the club office at info@niagarafallsskatingacademy.org or a coach directly through our contact page. (an additional cost will apply and the coach will bill you directly).

**The NFSA CANSKATE program includes Stages 1,2,3.  Graduation of stage 3 can lead you to Pre-Junior STARSkate (Stages 4,5,6).  Please notify the club is this is the direction your skater would like to take.


PRE-CANPOWERSKATE is designed for those skaters wanting to develop hockey and stick handling skills with full equipment.  It is taught in the same format at the Canskate Program with a 1:10 coach to skater ratio.


  • Pre-Junior Starskate (Canskate Stages 4,5,6) taught in a 45 minute group format
  • Junior Starskate (Star 1,2,3) taught in a 30 minute group format with 90 minutes of ice time
  • Intermediate Starskate (Star 4,5) 15 minutes of group with 90 minutes of ice time
  • Senior Starskate (Star 6-10 and Gold) 15 minutes of group with 90 minutes of ice time
  • ** NEW** Starskate Development on Sunday is designed for figure skaters to have group freeskate sessions from their coach.  This is included in your Sunday package.

All STARSKATERS are required to submit volunteer bond cheques post dated for the event that they are committing to.  If you meet that commitment, your bond cheque will be returned.  A minimum amount of volunteer hours are expected from parents in order for our club to fund raise through competitions, bingos and other events.  More information will follow!