Summer Skating

To register:  CLICK ON THE ENTRYEEZE BUTTON TO THE LEFT.  (Read the instructions below to aid with the registration process)


  1. Create an ID or log in with your existing account ID through ENTRYEEZE (link below)
  2. Pick the number of days you wish to purchase through the CONTRACT ICE TAB. You can buy daytime and/or evening packages by adding them separately to your cart.
  3. You will then need to first PAY FOR YOUR PACKAGE  (like purchasing a punch card). After this is complete, you can THEN go back into your ‘contract’ to pick your individual sessions to reserve your classes


I picked a day and now I need to change it.  How can I do this after I have already registered?

Simply go into your profile under the package you selected, click on the drop down menu session and ‘unselect’ your dates and ‘reselect’ your corrected dates.  If classes are full you will not be permitted to ‘reselect’ this date.

I purchased a package and now I would like to add some dates.  Will I still get a volume discount?

Unfortunately, in order to get your full volume discount you will need to purchase all of the dates in one transaction.  If you split your transactions the multiple day discount will reset.

How do I pay for guest skating?  Will there be a rep in the office to take cash when I show up?

You will need to buy a 1 day package from entryeeze and select your guest skate day 24 hours in advance.  There may not be a rep in the office to take money unfortunately.

How do I speak to someone if I have questions about anything if there isn’t anyone in the office?

You can send an email to and ask us anything!  We will respond to you when we can, usually right away!  Our committee is made up of volunteers who work often work full time jobs so we can’t always be in the office for a face to face conversation unless you arrange a time with us.

I have never tested at NFSA and don’t know what your process is.  Can someone tell me a bit about this?

You will need to ask your coach for test envelopes the week prior to testing.  Test lists will be posted on our test page on this website two weeks in advance, final lists will be posted 1 week in advance.  You will still need to provide us with a tests permission form and give us ALL of your information on the test envelope ie Skate Canada Number.