Niagara Falls Skating Academy and Skate Canada Competitions

Competitions for a skater will be at the discretion of your Coach.  The first competition for a figure skater is usually suggested once they have moved to the Junior STARSkate Level.

Skaters now move through the STAR 1-5 Levels after which they can either move through the STAR 6 to Gold Levels OR take the Competitive Stream Pre-Juvenile up to Senior Ladies.

Competition Schedule, Registration Links, Technical Requirements, Opportunity Chart

STAR 1 Events

STAR 1 is a group element event for entry level figure skaters. The purpose of STAR 1 is to introduce skaters to performing elements in a non-competitive and fun environment. At the conclusion of each STAR 1 event, skaters are given a report card and ribbon corresponding to their overall assessment rating. Creating an atmosphere which is relaxed and encourages participation is of paramount importance.

STAR 2 and 3 Events

STAR 2 and STAR 3 introduce skaters to performing elements in a program. It is very similar to how former Pre-Preliminary and Preliminary events were run: there is a timed warm-up for each group of skaters followed by performances of individual programs. Judges assess each program as per regular competition set-up and procedure. At the conclusion of the STAR events, each skater is presented with a report card and a ribbon or rosette corresponding to their overall assessment.

STAR 4 and STAR 5 Events

STAR 4 marks the entry point into competitive skating where skaters are scored and ranked. Medals (or ribbons – at the discretion of the section) are awarded to top finishers. STAR 4 competitors will receive a report card listing assessments for each element and program component as well as their ranking. STAR 5 skaters receive a standard CPC report card with scores and ranking.

For more information on STAR 6 to Gold STARSkate categories see the link above.


For more information on Pre-Juvenile and above see the link above.