Skaters are to be at the arena and ready to test 30 minutes before their scheduled warm up time.

Skate Canada’s STARSkate Testing Regulations: STAR 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be done during session time by your coach, with the exception of the Star 5 dance and Star 5 Freeskate Program tests, which require clear ice, therefore they are to be completed during a designated test night. They will be still be assessed by the skater’s coach, not a Skate Ontario official. Former levels of STARSkate will no longer apply.  Please refer to the following updated chart.  No social fee will be required for Star 1 to 5 tests. Senior Bronze to Gold tests will take place on designated test nights with a Skate Canada official. STAR 1-5 Equivalencies (1) Overview STAR 1-5 Content https://info.skatecanada.ca/hc/en-ca/articles/203051530-Test-Sheets-STAR-1-5-Free-Skate-PILOT

Out of Club Test Records can be mailed to (club #1000398): Test Chair, NFSA, #106-5152 Thorold Stone Rd., Niagara Falls, ON L2E 0A2 SKATE CANADA TEST DAY

SKATING INFORMATION Skaters from our Junior STARSkate Level and up will be working on the SKATE CANADA StarSkate requirements for all four disciplines – Freeskate, Skills, Dance and Interpretive. NFSA has 2 test days during the fall/winter season, 1 in spring, and 1 in summer. Skaters must meet the standards of their Base Coach to be eligible to try tests. The SKATE CANADA test fee for each test is $12.00. These fees go directly to SKATE CANADA. A $8.00 club administration fee will also be charged to each skater who participates in a Senior Bronze – Gold Test Day.  This helps to pay for the judges mileage.  Judges are volunteers who are credentialed by SKATE CANADA. Any skaters who are trying tests from outside of NFSA will be required to pay an Out of Club fee of $10.00 in addition to the $8.00 social fee.

APPEARANCE FOR A SKATE CANADA TEST DAY The following attire should be worn for testing:

  1. Skating dress or skating skirt.
  2. Beige colored tights, two pair for warmth if needed.
  3. Hair must be neat in appearance and long hair must be tied back.
  4. Skates should be polished with black scuffs removed ( Windex or toothpaste will remove scuffs easily)
  5. Warm-up sweater may be worn for practice but not for the actual test
  6. Gloves should match the skaters outfit or be white.
  7. Boys should wear a neat shirt or sweater or vest and dress pants